Sec 1 Orientation

2-5 January 2019

A Knight's Tale

Awaken to a Knight's Journey


Overnight Camp

The overnight camp in school will take place on the 4th of January (Friday)

with a campfire to look forward to!

A Knight's Tour

The tour will introduce the Sec 1s to the facilities around the school (eg. ASE Cabin, St Louis Marie Room).

It will help the students familiarise and ease themselves into the school’s environment, ultimately,

cultivating a sense of belonging.

Ice-Breaker Games

The Ice Breakers are short and simple games that would be played to allow students to get to know one another better so that they would feel comfortable in the new environment.  

Knowing Your Fellow Knights

Games of Chivalry

Team Building Activities

Through these activities, students can learn to work together and develop a sense of trust between one another.

It will prepare them for the exciting Knights' Mission the next day.

Captain’s Ball

Captain’s ball is a great game for students to gain synergy and build camaraderie.

In the midst of having fun, students will learn the importance of communication and teamwork.

Knights’ Tournament

Amazing Race

The Sec 1s will be going through several stations of games and activities in the form of a race.

It will provide students with an outdoor learning experience, acquire skills and demonstrate cooperation and teamwork which strengthens class bonding.

The Knights' Mission

CCA Display

The showcase will give students an idea about the various CCAs in the school. It gives them the opportunity to find out more about their interests and passion. This can help them make an informed choice on which CCA to join.

Sec 1 Parents’ Seminar

5 January 2019

8.30 a.m. - 9.45 a.m.

Class Breakfast is a new tradition that started in AES.

This will take place on the 3rd of January (Thursday).

Having breakfast together will allow teachers and students to familiarise themselves

with each other in a casual setting.

Class Breakfast 

Council Teachers in Charge

Mr Lin Yuhui 

Mrs Phong Zi Xin

Ms Raechel Chee

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Mr Gary Ong Thiam Heng

Head, Student Leadership

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