Regina Faruk

Graduated from AES in 2014 
Ngee Ann Polytechnic, 
Diploma in Biomedical Science

Currently volunteers at Beyond Social Service

Which social organisation have you been volunteering with?

What are the aims and objectives of this organisation?

I have been volunteering on and off with a few organizations these past few years. But most recently, I have got the chance to volunteer with Beyond Social Service (BSS). BSS is a non-profit Voluntary Welfare Organization that looks out for low-income families by providing them with daily necessities, tuition programmes to engage children and youth in these families, and also linking people up with employment opportunities. BSS strives to provide support for these families and also tackles juvenile delinquency through community engagement. 

Why did you choose that organisation? 

As part of the GIC Spark & Smile program, I was fortunate enough to be paired up with Beyond Social Service to fulfil 25 hours of community service. Every session I had with BSS, shadowing the social worker, has enriched me with a wider perspective of social issues happening right here in Singapore. I genuinely enjoy conversing with the residents and youths. Some of these interactions were thought provoking even till today. I also appreciate the family-like relationships between the social workers and the families they are working with. Hence, I have decided to continue volunteering at BSS after my 25 hours stint and am looking forward to embark on a project with them that will target and provide more opportunity for youths from low-income families. 


What motivates you to take up volunteering and what do you hope to achieve through your volunteering? 

Knowing that the simple act of giving has the ability to impact others positively motivates me to continue volunteering with different causes. Being able to just put myself out there to serve and help those in need is comforting and satisfying. It allows me to be more appreciative towards the little things that we more than often take for granted, and to be more compassionate to others. I hope that through volunteering, I could create a positive change in our society, regardless how small it may be.

What is your greatest satisfaction and challenge while volunteering your service?

I think my greatest satisfaction comes from receiving words of appreciation and grateful smiles from people who spoke to me about their problems and struggles. I feel like I have alleviated some of their burdens just by lending a listening ear. However, with great expectations comes great disappointment - I often feel a sense of helplessness when I know there is nothing that I can do to alleviate their problems. That is when I realise that there is so much more to do, and so much more that has not been done.

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