Jacey Tan Shing Yih

Class 4/2

VIA Champion

Currently volunteers at Outward Bound Singapore

Which social organisation have you been volunteering with?

What are the aims and objectives of this organisation?

One of the organisations that I volunteered at is Outward Bound Singapore (OBS), set up by National Youth Council. It is an organisation in Singapore that focuses on youth development and leadership.  

Why did you choose that organisation? 

I decided to volunteer with OBS as one of its mission is to engage youths to participate actively within their community. At some organisations, many of the volunteers were retirees or the elderly. OBS became one of my preferred organisations as it gives me the opportunity to meet like-minded youths and also because their projects are more physical, which I felt needed youth involvement more than any other organisations. One of their projects, Project IsLand-A-Hand, aims to protect the environment and the wildlife in Pulau Ubin through activities such as coastal clean ups and reforestation. Personally, I felt that such projects needed the vigor and energy of youths more than other projects. 

What motivates you to take up volunteering and what do you hope to achieve through your volunteering? 

I find volunteering incredibly rewarding. Being able to make a difference in someone’s life or within a community gives me a sense of satisfaction - a feeling that is different from the satisfaction derived from scoring good grades or winning in competitions. Often, the joy and experiences obtained through volunteering simply cannot be found anywhere else. Also, the resilience and life experiences of others motivates me to persevere when I am faced with challenges in life. Through volunteering, I hope to build my character as a person, acquire new skills and knowledge, and lead a meaningful life by making a difference in the lives of others. 

What is your greatest satisfaction and challenge while volunteering your service?

My greatest satisfaction would be of seeing the smiles of the people that I have helped, knowing that my time and effort spent was worthwhile. One of the challenges that I faced is that the people that need help may sometimes be more sensitive emotionally than others and it would often require a higher level of understanding, empathy and patience on our part when interacting with them. Having to juggle between my studies and volunteering is definitely another challenge, but the sense of satisfaction made everything worthwhile.

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