Benedict Lee Wei Zheng

Graduated from AES in 2013

Singapore Polytechnic,

Diploma in Computer Engineering

Since young, I have always had a keen interest in the areas of electronics, computers and technology. Having come from a family with financial difficulties, I was not able to get many of the gadgets I needed, and had to resort to searching for discarded electronics and computers to work with and repair for my use. I thus began to innovate with whatever I could find to build what I needed. Motivated by the vast number of discarded electronic devices which could be easily repaired, I felt it was a great waste, considering that many of them only had minor issues that could be resolved quite easily. Having rescued and repaired many devices from the trash, I decided to donate whatever I was able to repair to the less fortunate who may be like how I once was. In this way I would be providing them with a little financial aid as well. It's one of my ways of doing charity. I am also using some of the machines I have repaired to contribute towards the World Community Grid, which aims to find potential cures for numerous diseases.

Council Teachers in Charge

Mr Lin Yuhui 

Mrs Phong Zi Xin

Ms Raechel Chee

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622 Upper Bukit Timah Road

Singapore 678117

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Tel: 6572 9100 (General Office)

Fax : 6763 6560


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Mr Gary Ong Thiam Heng

Head, Student Leadership

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