Muhammad Nazir Bin Arfa

Class 5/1, 2017

AES NPCC Station Inspector

SPF-NPCC Badge Awardee


NPCC has made me a more confident person in many ways, especially in public speaking. However, I would still feel nervous and jittery if I know I have to talk in front of a huge audience. This shows that no matter how good we are, there's always room for improvement!


AES NPCC has given me a lot of opportunities to learn and grow and the experience has been enriching. Throughout my 4 years in NPCC, I have participated in various interesting activities such as the campcraft competition and the NPCC Annual Parade. I am very grateful to the Teacher Officers for seeing the potential in me to lead the unit. Without the opportunities and exposure that the teachers have given me, I would not have got out of my comfort zone. It is because of them that I have become the better person I am today.

Eugene Cheong Kok Yun

Class 4/2, 2017

AES NCC(Sea) Assistant Sergeant Major

NCC Outstanding Cadet Award Recipient 

When I was young, I loved watching the National Day Parade on television and I was always very fascinated by the marching contingents made up of the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) and the various uniformed groups. Whenever I see them execute the drills with such high precision, I would always imagine myself being part of the parade. I wanted very much to be like them. That is the reason why I chose to join NCC. 


I am very glad to have joined NCC as the CCA is always filled with many exciting activities, organised by both NCC HQ and our teachers. These activities which I had participated in were not only enjoyable, but enriching and educational as well. I have learned many soft and hard skills through these activities.


NCC has impacted me in many ways. When I first joined NCC, I was very round and chubby and have never passed my NAPFA test in primary school. But now, not only have I slimmed down, I am also the Physical Training Instructor of my unit and have achieved a Gold in the NAPFA test. When I was in Sec 1, I used to be very shy but as I took on leadership roles in the unit, the exposure that I had made me a more confident and outgoing person. As such, I am now able to speak to all my peers and junior cadets confidently and fluently.

David John Ruskin B.

Class 4/2, 2017
AES Basketball Captain

It has been five years since I started playing basketball in primary school. I just played for fun then. It was my Uncle who got me to play with him and watch him during his games. I'd say he's my inspiration and the main reason why I love basketball. I only got more involved in competitive basketball in secondary school as I trained and participated in tournaments with my AES team mates. 

Basketball is my passion because it is my place of refuge; a place I would go to after receiving bad results in an examination or when something bad happens in my life. Whenever I am on the court, I'd forget all my worries and concentrate entirely on playing the game well. It is my getaway from life's worries.


After playing competitively, I have experienced both the sweetest feeling of winning and also the soreness of losing a match which only drives me to train harder.

This sport bonded my teammates and I, and I can proudly say we are the best of friends who have been through thick and thin together! Shout out to my team mates for fighting alongside me!

Shane Edward Michael Lim, AES Drummer boy

AES Graduate 2016


AES band has been a great platform for me to pursue my interests and showcase my talent. 

As a drummer playing for the National Day Concert, at first you might feel it's a burden carrying the harness and the heavy drum on your shoulders, but you will enjoy it in the later part as you get to show your friends that you have mastered something new, and they will be envious of you.

To those who have musical talents, I strongly encourage you to join AES band and put your talent to good use! Don't let it go to waste!


Class 4/2, 2017

AES Student Council & Softball

I have never liked primary school, and I definitely did not look forward to going to secondary school back then. However, after I joined Assumption English School, I met a few people whom I now call my best friends. They make me look forward to coming to school everyday. Because of them, I have never regretted choosing Assumption English School; because of them, I proudly call AES my home.

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