Ms Wong Yuen Yu

Music Teacher


I was born in Hong Kong. Then I came to Singapore when I was very young, about 4 years old. Halfway through Primary 1, I went back to Hong Kong as my father's job required him to be there. In Primary 5, I came back to Singapore and stayed on for good.

I have a funny story to share about my experience in Hong Kong. In Primary 2, my English was not really good yet. I could still remember my teacher was telling us to do mental sums but I didn't know what they were at that time as I have not done it before. As my teacher flashed the questions on the screen, I thought I was supposed to copy down the questions and do them later, so I dutifully copied them down on a piece of paper. And the next thing I realised, the time was up and the teacher took my paper away. When I told her I have not finished the sums, she got really angry! She came to me and threw my textbook to the other end of the class and made me stand next to the dustbin!

Mr Desmond Wong

Physical Education Teacher

Last year, when our school was still at the old campus in Queenstown, a group of Secondary 3 boys prepared a ‘unique’ birthday celebration for me. On the afternoon of my birthday, a colleague of mine suddenly called for me frantically and asked me to go out of the staff room. Instinctively, I thought something bad had happened to my basketball players so I immediately dashed out and to my surprise, the boys were outside and one of them was holding a birthday cake. They started singing a birthday song for me and with that coming from a group of Secondary 3 boys, it was very memorable, partly because of the unusually ‘manly’ birthday song that they sang!

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